Three Ways To Obtain Business Finance Money

lots_of_money-6919-1000x600Business finance money is a necessity for the beginning small business as well as the large, thriving corporation and practically every type in between. Every company has to address the issue of where they are going to financial resources they need to maintain their operations. A brief consideration of the question yields at least three primary answers to the dilemma that most businesses will face. It should be instructive to highlight these ways briefly so that you have a better idea of what is involved.

First, one of the most obvious ways bigger companies obtain financial assistance is through selling shares in their companies on the stock exchange. This also called equity financing. This option not only handles some of the pressing monetary needs of the company by receiving money from each shareholder when they purchase shares. Each shareholder then has an interest in the company and is paid interest the shares they bought. This interest is called dividends.

Businesses can also use debt financing. This method is simply another way of saying that you must seek business finance money by borrowing it from outside financial institutions like banks and credit unions. This form of financing is common with businesses of all types and sizes. A business will most likely some sort of loan to in the beginning since useable capital may not be readily available to the investors, entrepreneurs, or proprietors. Debt financing via loans is by far the most common of all types of financing. There is another type of debt financing that is not always considered when search for business finance money.

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Role of the Financial Manager


According to the changing business environment the role of the financial manager has undergone a  sea change.During 1980’s the finance manager had a traditional role to play ,his task was mainly confined to procuring cash,maintain accurate records ,prepare reports on the company’s current financial position and performance  and manage cash to save the company from insolvency.However this role gradually transcended and has now changed into a gigantic task with the growing complexity in the business environment,globalization and also with the enlargement of the size of the business.

Today’s finance manager is well versed with the overall financial functioning of the organisation and is capable of dealing with the problems and decisions dealing with the management  of the financial operations.Now he is very much involved with with the total amount of capital employed by the firm ,with the allocation of funds in  various financial projects and financial activities and is less concerned with the procurement of funds  and now the finance manager is more concerned if at all the funds have been properly utilised.Therefore the role of the finance manager is much exact.In order to tackle the functioning of this financial operations he has to have a broader range of skills,a strong grasp on the nature and scope of all firm and financial operations and a thorough understanding of how the firm operates in averse situations and operates in a market place.Therefore their task are more centralised on the liquidity and profitability of the firm.

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Finance Summary – Financial system, Financial activities and Banking

004-200x1181. The financial system

The financial system is a network of financial organizations, which carry out and regulate financial activities, the ministry of finance, the treasury, the central bank, the tax service, stock and currency exchanges.
There are budgeting, financing, investment, banking, taxation and insurance are the main forms of financial activities. Financial assets flow in the system from savers to borrowers, who use them. Savers and borrowers are linked by financial intermediaries. They are banks, finance, investment and insurance companies.
The heart of Britain financial services industry locates in the famous “Square Mile” in the City of London. It is one of the largest financial centers in the world. The world’s largest banks and financial markets located there. For example, London Stock Exchange, the Foreign Exchange Market, the Financial Futures and Options Market, Eurobond and Eurocurrency markets.

2. The financial activities

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Courses in Financial Management

Financial_Management_ImgThe constantly growing and evolving corporate sector in India has changed the way business is conducted in India. There is a more systematic and planned approach towards planning, execution and most importantly managing finances. The financial management of businesses has grown out of just record keeping maintaining credit/balance in ledger books. It is more professional, has wider implications and requires trained and experienced hands to effectively mange the finances of big and small enterprises. This has given birth to a higher demand of finance professionals to manage businesses. Consequently, the demand for financial management courses is also high in India today.

There are various specializations available in the field of financial management today. There are many institutes in India that offer courses in financial management. Courses like MBA in finance, CA, CFA, cost and management accountancy, basic finance courses, fellowship programme in finance are among the various options in front of the aspirants today. There are various other courses at the basic and advanced level to that one can pursue. There are degree, diploma and certificate courses in finance. A background in math, economics or commerce is most preferred to make a mark in this field.

There are many finance colleges and various private and government institutes offer these courses on different levels. The objective of the courses in financial management is to groom and build talent to prepare adequate workforce for financial management in the country. One can apply for these courses at the under-graduate level or post-graduate level. The options at the post-graduate are immense. If you wish to make a career in field of financial management, there are basic finance courses and foundation courses that you can start with. You need to have a basic aptitude to be able to pursue this field. A knack for finances, quick decision making, and an analytical approach towards business are just some of the various attributes that you must have.

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Copywriting Series: Writing Copy for the Finance Market

tourism-copy-writing-ontario-844x321If you have an ear and eye for the finance market as a copywriter, you should be reaping the rewards. As a copywriter for this niche, the benefits are endless, because markets change with such frequency. There’s always some news to convey about a host of topics – from emerging markets and stock markets, to information on debt settlement.

Finding The Right Tone

A professional tone is used in these articles, which means you have to be an authority on the subject you’re writing about. Nobody wants to read the ramblings of a novice in these areas. They want information, highly specialized, first rate knowledgeable content from an expert in these various fields.

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